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1.Western direction 2.South-Western direction 3.North-Western direction
4.Other theaters of operations 5.Publications of the GRU of the General Staff 6.Operational-tactical instructions
7.Special literature of the Military Academy of the General Staff 8.Special literature of the Military Academy of Armored Forces 9.Secret periodicals (magazines) of the branches of the armed forces
10.Rocket troops and artillery 11.Air Force 12.Air defense
13.Navy 14.Border troops of the KGB of the USSR 15.Topographic service
16.Civil defense 17.Party political work 18.Fortifications
  19.Reports on local wars and other publications  


Publications of the GRU of the General Staff

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Covers and tables of contents of the US operational-level field manuals FM100-5

1973 edition:


1976 edition:


1987 edition:


Handbook "The system of ground data on the development of prospects and tactics of air attack means".

It was published in 1977 and then updated annually in the form of "Supplements" based on intelligence reports. It had "Top Secret", since 1979 - "Secret" classification. Below are the covers of all editions of this series and examples of the presentation of information in it.

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