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1.Western direction 2.South-Western direction 3.North-Western direction
4.Other theaters of operations 5.Publications of the GRU of the General Staff 6.Operational-tactical instructions
7.Operational-strategical instructions and special literature of the Military Academy of the General Staff 8.Special literature of the Military Academy of Armored Forces 9.Secret periodicals (magazines) of the branches of the armed forces
10.Rocket troops and artillery 11.Air Force 12.Air defense
13.Navy 14.Border troops of the KGB of the USSR 15.Topographic service
16.Civil defense 17.Party political work 18.Fortifications
  19.Reports on local wars and other publications  


Reviews on local wars and more

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Reports on local wars



Translation of TC 5-31 "Viet Cong Boobytraps Mines Mine Warfare Techniques" (1969) by the Soviet military intelligence.

Experience of military operations in the mountain-desert area, 1981.


Other publications

War economy


"Instruction on the compliance of petroleum products and liquids produced in NATO countries with domestic petroleum products and liquids", 1968.


Instructions for booking those liable for military service for the national economy for the period of mobilization and in wartime.


Military censorship of the Armed Forces of the USSR, 1984.


Instructions for ensuring secrecy in ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the USSR No. 0126


Rules for the execution of documentation for the period of wartime.


Foreign press about the economic, scientific, political and military potential of the CIS member states and the technical means of its detection. Russia, 1995.


Institute of the USA and Canada of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. US Military Programs and Military Strategic Concepts in the 1970s (1977).



Guidance on veterinary support of the Armed Forces of the USSR in wartime.



Instructions for the manufacture, operation, storage and accounting of removable military equipment on the railways of the USSR, 1985.




Weapons and equipment (examples of the manuals)



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